To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 8-14, 2021 the American Center in Moscow invites you to a series of virtual meetings with American experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week is a massive campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world. Each November, 10 million people take part in tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events that inspire them to act and provide them with the knowledge, experience and connections they need to succeed.

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 8-14, 2021, the American Center in Moscow invites you to a series of virtual meetings with American experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

Our guest speaker today is Faris Alami, International Strategic Management (ISM) Founder and CEO. Faris works with international leaders and entrepreneurs on strategies and implementations to create an empowering environment for startups and sell businesses to prosper and grow. He has functioned as:

•Special Advisor and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Expert with the World Bank

•Business Advisor with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

•Affiliate with Kauffman Foundation

•Mentor to MBA Students and Entrepreneurs Globally

In his work facilitating economic and workforce development programs that include entrepreneurship, small/medium enterprise development, mentorship, and funding, Faris works with high-ranking officials—presidents of countries, ministries, universities, incubators/accelerators, and economic development groups. He also leads the ISM team in supporting entrepreneurs in underserved communities in finding success. His insights, strategies and facilitations in launching entrepreneurship activities have been sought out by more than 61 leaders of nations and organizations. ISMs programs include training entrepreneurs, trainers, and management teams in supporting entrepreneurs, and in technology, retail, workforce development, leadership, and culture-related programs. Faris founded the non-profit Connecting Dots Globally, a STEMprenuerer program in which high school and university students learn to launch a global technology company. 

During today’s engaging session, Alami will talk about being a resilient entrepreneur and answer the question of keeping your organization moving forward during a crisis and beyond.

Watch Faris Alami’s talk live on our Facebook page on Friday, November 12 at 7:00 PM Moscow time. 

The virtual talk will be hosted with Russian translation.

To join the livestream on November 12 at 19:00 MSK please follow the link to the AMC Facebook page: You can register below and leave your valid email address to receive a reminder right before the online event starts. To join other AMC Online programs, please check the American Center’s TimePad calendar.

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68 дней назад
12 ноября 2021 19:00–20:30

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