The American Center in Moscow invites you to the lecture about the Lucy Mission on December 6 at 6:00 PM MSK. The Lucy mission is the first to visit the Trojan asteroids, which are the vestiges of the planetary formation of our Solar System — the elements that gave rise to life.


Join the first lecture of the American Center’s Space Workshop hosted on December 6-9 2021. 

Learn about the Lucy mission, devoted to exploring asteroids on Jupiter’s orbit, which are believed to carry the “fossils of planet formation": materials that clumped together in the early history of the Solar System to form planets and other bodies.

The Lucy mission was launched from Cape Canaveral on October 16, 2021 from an Atlas V carrier rocket. The Lucy mission will get two gravitational assists from Earth: one in 2022 and another in 2024. In the year 2025 it will have its first stop as it will fly through the internal asteroid of the main belt (52246) Donald Johanson, named after the discoverer of the hominid fossil Lucy.  Subsequently, it is planned to carry out a series of flights to other celestial bodies in a period from 2027 to 2031 to finally conclude its mission with its return to planet Earth in 2031.

Speaker: Aarón Garduño Rodríguez, specialist in Biomedical Engineering and Cosmonautics. Currently studying at a Ph.D. program at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

This event will be live-streamed to YouTube as part of the AMC Online programming. When registering below, please submit your valid email address to receive a link to the live stream of this event 30 minutes before it begins. To join other AMC Online programs, please check the American Center’s website and TimePad calendars.

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44 дня назад
6 декабря 2021 18:00–19:00

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