AMC Online | A Profile of a Tlingit Artist and Weaver Lily Hope

Tune in on October 18 at 8:30 p.m. MSK to learn about Ravenstail weaving and Chilkat weaving, traditional forms of weaving practiced by Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and other Northwest Coast peoples of Alaska and British Columbia, from a preeminent weaver Lily Hope. This event is held as part of the Sense of Place Festival of Indigenous Art and Culture (October 11-21, 2022).

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On October 18 at 8:30 p.m. MSK, join Lily Hope, an Alaskan Native artist, teacher, and a community facilitator of the T’akdeintaan Clan, to discover how she explores current and historical cultural expression through traditional weaving and how her works in Chilkat design express a continued recording of history, from family lineage to Covid-19.

About the guest speaker:

Lily Hope was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska to full-time artists. She is Tlingit Indian, of the Raven moiety. Following her matrilineal line, she’s of her grandmother’s clan, the T’akdeintaan. She learned Ravenstail weaving from Clarissa Rizal, her late mother, and Kay Parker. She also apprenticed for over a decade in Chilkat weaving with Rizal, who until her untimely passing in December 2016, was one of the last living apprentices of the late master Chilkat weaver, Jennie Thlanaut. Because of this, Hope is deeply motivated to leave honorable weavers in her place. Along those lines, she is president and co-founder of Spirit Uprising, a non-profit dedicated to maintaining, recording, and teaching weaving with integrity.

Hope’s contemporary works in textile and paper collage weave together Ravenstail and Chilkat design. She is one of few designers of dancing blankets. She teaches both finger-twined styles extensively in the Yukon Territory, down the coast of southeast Alaska, and into Washington and Oregon. She demonstrates internationally and offers lectures on the spiritual commitments of being a weaver. Committed to co-creating as her mother was, she is constantly looking for ways to collaborate with other artists, often spearheading multi-community projects or managing campaigns, bringing the importance of weaving into the forefront of Alaskans’ minds, while highlighting the work of her peer Indigenous artists.

Watch Lily Hope’s artist statement:




This event will be livestreamed on the American Center in Moscow’s YouTube channel, VK group, and Telegram channel.

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18 октября 2022 20:30–21:30

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