Short Story & Essay Club

American Center in Moscow invites everyone interested in contemporary literature and public interest discourse to sessions of Short Story & Essay Club.

Иностранные языки 18+

In monthly sessions of Short Story & Essay Club, we will read and discuss short stories and public interest essays by contemporary writers, artists and thinkers published in acclaimed US magazines available in the American Center in Moscow’s free eBook Library.

In these sessions, we will:

  • Share our current and favorite readings on Padlet and with the group (read previous suggestions here);
  • Read part of the selected story or essay together. Before each session, you are encouraged to read this selected story from a digital issue of a magazine (The New Yorker, Harper’s MagazineNew Philosopher and others), you can find information about the selected reading in the Required Reading section of this announcement below. You will be able to borrow a digital issue of the magazine with the selected short story or essay free from AMC’s eBook Library. Borrowing books and magazines from the library requires creating a free library account; to register for one, go to this page.
  • Discuss the short story or the essay with a group;
  • Write individual reviews of the short story or reflect on themes discussed in the essay.

Led by: Denis Aksenov, long-running host of reading and discussion workshops at the American Center in Moscow; founder of Funky Chekhov’s Society; current student at the University of Massachusetts, history & art history majors.

Open to: Adults with intermediate to advanced English language skills.

Perfect for: Readers who want to discover contemporary literature and public interest discourse, strengthen their discussion & writing skills.


REQUIRED READING FOR December 29, 2023:

«Stump of The World» by Madeline Ffitch from The Paris Review, Winter 2023 (246) issue (please find 5 new words/expressions in the text and be ready to explain them to a group in English)

Magazines — The Paris Review — US Embassy- Moscow American Center — OverDrive


You can borrow this digital issue for free from AMC’s free eBook Library here. To get a free library account, go to this page.



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