Three, Two, One.... Done!

Join us for this two-part decision-making program hosted on Zoom. The goals of the program are to promote American culture, simplify complex business concepts for learners, and help people succeed.

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Three, Two, One… Done! — Upcoming Events Schedule:

Join us for these two informative sessions hosted by experienced information expert, Inna!

Automation Dead End – IT Adoption Challenges | Wednesday, November 22nd, 19:30 — 20:30 MSK

“Theories come and go, but fundamental data always remain the same.” The same can be said about the technologies that come and go sometimes too fast to be automated within a company and provide valuable data for decision-making. The ability of humans to process data and perform multiple actions over a period of time is limited. We still need business process automation. But how to implement it correctly? What are the criteria for abandoning an outdated IT system and implementing a new IT infrastructure?… In this session of the Three, two, one… Done! program we will talk about the major challenges of business process optimization using IT infrastructure and ways to overcome them.

Brain Hurts – How to Study at University (For Students & Teachers) | Wednesday, December 13th, 19:30 — 20:30 MSK


Studying at university can be challenging because of the new activities, the complexity of the tasks, and your personality. At some point, you may even decide that you have chosen the wrong path, but surely you don’t want to waste your time or risk your work-life-study balance. So, what is the right way to study at university that will allow you, on the one hand, to maintain your work-life-study balance, and on the other hand, to be successful in your studies and career?… In this special session of the Three, two, one… Done! program for students and teachers we will talk about the main challenges of studying at university, best practices for dealing with difficult assignments, the most valuable information you can get from studying at university, and how to get the most effective start to your career.

Speaker Bio: Inna is an information expert with more than 20 years of experience working with various aspects of data and information, including database management, protection of confidential information, and legal aspects of data protection. For many years she has taught such disciplines as Quantitative Decision Making Methods, Business Analysis, and Data Leakage Prevention Systems (DLP) at the best universities in Russia. She has been a guest speaker at international events such as WorldSkills. She has experience in re-engineering and automating business processes in medium and large companies. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Information Technology in Economics with a focus on Decision Engineering in Economics and Finance and a Master’s degree in Russian Law with a focus on Protection of Confidential Data in Labor Relations.




This session is hosted on Zoom, so if you are interested in joining, please create a Zoom account beforehand. When registering below, please submit your valid email address to receive a link to the Zoom meeting 30 minutes before the session begins.

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216 дней назад
22 ноября 19:30 — 13 декабря 2023 20:30

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